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Giben Matic 75 SP Front Loading Panel Saw

Used Giben Matic 75 SP Front Loading Panel Saw | Saws - Panel Beam

Machine Information Sheet Date: 10/17/2018
Inventory #: C3907TS
Machine Type: Saws - Panel Beam
Manufacturer: Giben
Model: Matic 75 SP Front Loading Panel Saw
Year: 2014
Region: North East US
Voltage: 480/3/60
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Condition: Very Good
Machine Capacities: MATIC SP is a robust and high-speed single line saw offering high performance at an attractive price built to the exacting standards of Giben guaranteeing the purchaser a superior cut quality and the high retained value one expects from Giben beam saws.

-Length of cut: 3300 mm (10` 10")
-Pusher stroke: 3000 mm (9` 10")
-Working height: 890 mm (35")
-Saw blade projection: 75 mm (2.95")
-Main blade diameter: 330 mm (13")
-Main motor: 15 Hp
-Scoring saw diameter: 180 mm (7")
-Scoring motor: 2 Hp
-Scoring saw adjustment: External
-Quick blade change system: G-Lock
-Saw carriage forward speed: 5-80 m/min (16-262ft/min).
-Saw carriage return speed: 80 m/min (262ft/min).
-Saw carriage traverse motor: Inverter
-Bottom extraction point diameter (n.1 qty): 200 mm (8")
-Top extraction points diameter (n.2 qty): 75 mm (3").
-Compressed air consumption: 6 bar 80 l/m
-Suction: Speed 30/35 m/sec (98-115ft/sec).
-Control voltage: 24 volt

1. Machine bed; the steel machine bed structure is welded by gas metal arc, and then milled and refined by the CNC machines. The rigidity of the structure guarantees the optimal cut quality and high cutting speed, at the same time granting long life to the machine.

MAXIMUM ACCESSIBILITY to main units of the saw. The saw carriage idle location is at outermost end position of the saw unit, assuring maximum ease of access.

THE SPECIFIC DESIGN ATTRIBUTES OF THE STEEL MACHINE BED, the weights are distributed in the best possible manner, avoiding flexing and guaranteeing the perpendicular cut.

CAST ALUMINIUM SAW CARRIAGE, the geometry of the construction puts the main blade at the tip of the ideal triangle, while the two outer guides are fixed at the two lower extremities of the ideal triangle (the saw bed). This is very different from other more economic construction types, the saw carriage does NOT allow blade deflection due to the two-sided support, avoiding in this way flexing of the structure from the effect of overhanging motors.

This construction concept has been used by Giben every model over the last 30 years and guarantees the maximum structural rigidity and stability during the cut cycle.

THE SAW CARRIAGE TRAVEL is chain driven. This system (used also on the larger Giben saws and systems) allows the installation of motor and gearbox outside the machine bed, not onto the saw carriage itself. This reduces the free weight of the saw carriage and guarantees the vibration free stroke, at the same time is easily maintained with the minimum of knowledge and the chain can be obtained virtually anywhere in the world.

AUTOMATIC SAW TRAVEL CONTROL of the saw carriage relative to the primary material length or width.

-Guide bar diameter: 35mm (1.4").
-Carriage guide V rollers diameter: 90 mm (3.5").

QUICK TOOLS RELEASE for the main blade and for the scoring blade; the device is extremely safe and reliable, released and secures mechanically. The machine operator does not require any kind of tool while changing the blades and the operation can be completed in few seconds.

GRIPPER WITH FLOATING ACTION. The grippers clamp the primary material book during the working cycle.

For the last cut the grippers remain closed on the book until the beam lowers and clamps the book. At this point the grippers release the material and the pusher moves away from the cutting line to allow the cut to proceed.

There is no mechanical limit for the minimum trim size. However, it is recommended to calculate the trim size into which the blade enters completely.

-Gripper opening: 60mm (2.36").
-Minimum thickness of grippers: 3mm (.1")

PRESSURE BEAM. The beam produces an effect on both sides of the cut line giving first-rate clamping pressure on the book of panels.

A torsion bar inside the beam connects the two outermost ends, guaranteeing the perfect parallelism of the up and down motion of the beam.

CLAMPING OF THE BOOK WITH FULL POWER OF THE BEAM INCLUDING THE LAST TRIM CUT. Of particular merit are the apertures of the beam, the grippers release the book only after the beam has clamped the book.

The pusher is moved parallel to the cutting line by a synchronized belt system with a system of linear magnetic sensor reading.

The linearity of the pusher carriage movement is ensured by a system of linear guides.

Optimized Pusher travel is based on the primary material size thus avoiding pointless travel and eventual loss of production.

A revolving encoder follows the position, servo drive and a brushless motor control the motion and speed.

-Pusher forward speed: 0-80m/min (0-262ft/min)
-Pusher return speed: 80m/min (262ft/min)
-Profile rollers: 7

Side aligner; pusher side, pneumatically commanded. Side aligner moves down automatically and aligns the book against the square fence with a full height 55mm diameter roller. The downward motion is diagonal and does not contact the material until fully down.

When the cut cycle nears its end, the side aligner moves away and up automatically in a manner not to scratch the material edges.

-Minimum strip width, which can be aligned up: 70 mm.
-Side aligner travel: 70-1250mm (2.7-49.2").
-Positioning is automatic

FRONT AND REAR SQUARE FENCE made of steel on the left side of the saw bed placed at 90° in respect to the cutting line.

Air flotation tables make material handling light and easy, which helps to keep the operator efficiency at the maximum. The air flotation tables are powered by one large capacity fan, located away from the operators area (behind the saw bed) allowing the easy handling of the parts on a single flotation table and at the same time reducing the noise and the energy consumption.
-One air generator
-Air flotation tables: (4) 2000x510mm (79x20").

The control panel and the programming unit are mounted on an adjustable support in such a manner to minimize the possibility of damage from activities such as material handling. The emergency button is also installed on the same adjustable unit.

Embedded PC, fit for industrial environment, with G-Vision software and Windows 7® embedded operating system.

G-VISION ON-BOARD is an automatic pattern creation software which runs directly on the G-Vision machine control head. This program is designed to facilitate the creation of patterns directly at the saw by allowing the operator to enter the desired parts to be cut as well as the board from which to cut from. With this data, the on board software can generate pattern automatically and find the best possible patterns to conserve raw materials.

GVISION is the new generation Giben machine controller based on Microsoft Windows operating systems. GVISION is the convergence of Giben machine controllers integrating the strengths of Microsoft Windows—standards-based security, manageability and reliability with the best features of Giben machine controllers and easy-to-use user interface.

EASY-TO-USE: maintaining the core of traditional Giben controllers, GVISION features a fresh new visual design. Common tasks have been consolidated, and simplified, and new visual cues have been added to help operators navigate the computer easily.

CREATION OF CUTTING PATTERN MANUALLY, via keyboard input, is assisted graphically with layouts and other data:
-New patterns can be produced or imported whilst the machine is carrying out its work cycle.
-Work cycle process is shown on the screen.
-GVISION guides the operator graphically in real time; layout colours and graphics indicate how to handle the material on the worktables.
-The cutting speed is based on the parameters as trim width and/or book height and achieved automatically.

THE INTUITIVE APPLICATION shows in comprehensible work related data such as:
-Format and quantity of the primary material to be processed.
-Primary material quality.
-Cutting pattern; program codes and sizes.

OTHER FEATURES include such as:
-Cut program, pattern layout, import and export.
-Automatic front and rear trim calculation.
-Operator may program either a sole pattern or a series of patterns.
-The GVISION controller administers the process and the movements, illustrates graphically the axis status and verifies that the requested motion has been completed.

Safety Devices
-The local access saws and moving parts are isolated
- Emergency stop buttons installed are installed in an air table and control panel
- Safety flaps operator side
- Safety bar anti-crushing protection
- Saw cover opening for the blade change can be opened only when the blades are completely stopped
- Perimeter fencing in pusher area

Please note:
-The cutting quality depends on material to be cut and its physical properties, parallelism of each board and its finishing (surface). Furthermore, good quality tools are to be fitted; their conditions and sharpening state may greatly affect the cutting quality. The cutting speed and the book height depend on the nature of boards to be cut and expected cutting quality.
-The pusher positioning accuracy is +/- 0,2mm (.008").
-The machine tables have been conceived so that to limit as much as possible any scratching on the surface of the board direct laying onto the working table.
-The boards and/or the piles of material shall not have overhanging or swollen edges.

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