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Used Woodworking Machinery

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Here Are Some Resources You Might Find Helpful

* DTM Machine Service:, (608) 397-9517,
Factory-trained technician, offering service and parts for your Giben panel saws.

* KPF Services - Aziz Khssassi: (514) 816-9911,
Servicing Giben saws in Quebec, Ontario, and the Northeastern United States.

* Powers Machine - Eric Powers: (817) 233-0765
Installation, troubleshooting and service for Weeke, Holzma, Giben, Homag edgebanders, SCM edgebanders, Homag BAZ, Brandt, Homag Espana, Heeseman, Butfering.

* Advanced CNC Innovations:
Supplying vacuum pods for CNC machining centers and CNC routers.

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