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The requested machine has been SOLD, but here are others from the same category that are currently available.
*(5) Boring Machines - All 32mm and Through Feed
*(1) Boring Machines - Horizontal; Vertical and other Misc. Non 32mm
*(0) Carvers
*(0) Chair Equipment
*(2) Clamps - Case Clamps
*(1) Clamps - Clamp Carriers
*(3) Clamps - Door
*(0) Clamps - Drawer
*(0) Clamps - Frame
*(9) CNC Machining Centers - Pod and Rail
*(16) CNC Routers - Flat Table, Nesting
*(0) Combination Machines
*(4) Compressors
*(0) Counter Top Equipment
*(2) Door Equipment
*(2) Dovetailers
*(3) Dowel Machines
*(8) Dust Collectors & Downdraft Tables
*(23) Edgebanders
*(3) End Profilers
*(1) Finger Jointers
*(6) Finishing Equipment
*(2) Fork Lifts
*(1) Glue Equipment
*(0) Jointers
*(2) Laminating Equipment
*(2) Lathes
*(10) Material Handling Equipment
*(7) Miscellaneous
*(4) Mortisers
*(10) Moulders

Wood Waste Equipment

Wood Waste Equipment or Wood Hogs break down wood, plastic or synthetic scraps left over from manufacturing processes into chips for easier and more compact disposal. These units range from small units that work in conjunction with a single machine (eg: a saw or machining center) to large units that receive the scrap materials from an entire factory. Hogs can be either top fed, by dropping the scrap material into the throat of the hog, or side fed, from a scrap conveyor delivering the scrap material directly into the side of the unit. The scrap is chipped by being pressed against a slow rotating drum fitted with many sharp cutters that chip off the advancing material. The size of the chips being created is controlled by the materials passing through a screen at the exit. The screens are generally interchangeable to allow making residue from very fine to coarse depending on what it will be used for.

Packaging And Shrink Wrapping Equipment (3)*
Pallet Machinery (0)*
Planers - Thickness (6)*
Plants/Businesses For Sale (0)*
Postformers (0)*
Presses - Hot/Cold (4)*
Presses - Membrane (0)*
Routers - Manual, Pin (1)*
Sanders - DeNibbing and Brush (1)*
Sanders - Edge Stroke (2)*
Sanders - Misc (0)*
Sanders - Profile, Mold (2)*
Sanders - Wide Belt (14)*
Saw Mill Equipment (0)*
Saws - Band, Resaw (1)*
Saws - CutOff, Miter, Radial Arm (8)*
Saws - Misc (0)*
Saws - Optimizing Cross Cut (5)*
Saws - Panel Beam (10)*
Saws - Rip Saw (10)*
Saws - Sliding Table, Table (8)*
Saws - Vertical Panel (4)*
Shapers (5)*
Sharpening Equipment (4)*
Software (0)*
Stair Equipment (1)*
Stone Machinery (0)*
Tenoners - Double End (1)*
Tenoners - Single, Round End (1)*
Veneer Equipment (1)*
V-Groovers (1)*
Wood Waste Equipment (3)*

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