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Cefla / Sorbini Smart Edge 01 BV 6000

Used Cefla / Sorbini Smart Edge 01 BV 6000 | Finishing Equipment

Machine Information Sheet Date: 2/21/2019
Inventory #: C4060TS
Machine Type: Finishing Equipment
Manufacturer: Cefla / Sorbini
Model: Smart Edge 01 BV 6000
Year: 2008
Region: North East US
Voltage: //
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Condition: Very Good
Machine Capacities: THERE ARE TWO (2) MACHINES AVAILABLE, ONE (1) A 2008 AND ONE (1) A 2010.
-Machine is designed for automatic one (1) edge processing of 90 flat components to: abrasive brush raw and sealed substrate, blow-off dust, apply by roller and cure clear Ultra Violet material. Process repeated as necessary for multiple workpiece processing. utilizing the vertical roller method of coating application, this machine is capable of coating a square vertical panel edge. The application roller will not finish profiles and/or top and bottom panel surfaces.
-Infeed panel support table and reference alignment fence assist in the manual loading process
-A multipurpose computer system is integrated with the machine to: set and monitor inverter controlled variable speed conveyor drive; control on/off switching of Ultra Violet lamps; provide diagnostics of machine operations; display machine functions including position of upper pressure beam and conveying feed speed
-Heavy duty conveying feed track powered by servo-motor; adjustable conveying feed speed controlled by inverter from control board
-Maximum length: 2500mm (98")
-Minimum length: 305mm (12")
-Maximum width: 1300mm (51")
-Minimum width: 101mm (4")
-Maximum thickness: 50mm (2")
-Minimum thickness: 5mm (3/16")

-Position 1: disc sanding and brushing unit
-Position 2: air pressure blower
-Position 3: roller application unit by vertical roller coater
-Position 4: UV oven with one lamp 250mm long
-Position 5: disc sanding and brushing unit
-Position 6: air pressure blower
-Position 7: roller application unit by vertical roller coater
-Position 8: UV oven with one lamp 250mm long

-Single saw track system; chain conveyor with rubber track pads, 75mm size; pressure rollers and adjustable support bar with wheels; electric vertical positioning of upper pressure beam; variable speed conveyor drive; conveying speed range; 5-20 m/min (16.4 to 65 FPM)

Brushing/Denibbing - Positions 1 & 5
-The unit is mounted on the carriage for horizontal and vertical positioning and is equipped with continuous screw racks for rotation and positioning during the entire working cycle
-Reversal of the abrasive disk rotation towards or against the advancement of the piece with a reverse command positioned on the electrical control cabinet
-Two-way electro-pneumatic automatism manages the entrance and exit of the unit, programmed and regulated by the control.
-Two-way electro-pneumatic automatism recovers the disc in order to compensate for the wear of the abrasive disc in all its working positions.
-Dust extraction hood equipped with blower for cleaning and cooling the abrasive disc, synchronize with the entrance of the disc by means of the control.
-Position mechanical counter of three adjustable axes, horizontal, vertical and inclined.
-Motor: 2.2 kW
-Junction diameter abrasive shaft/disk flange: 76mm
-Maximum disc diameter: 200mm
-Maximum disc height: 100mm
-Working height: 100mm

Air Pressure Blower - Positions 2 & 6
-Temporized air pressure blower assists in displacing dust from panel edge for extraction system
-Compressed air required: 30 Nl/min

Vertical Roller Coater Unit Model UR - Positions 3 & 7
-Application roller unit for flat panel edges UV coatings
-This unit is mounted on a carriage for the horizontal and vertical positioning and is equipped with continuous screw racks for rotation.
-Electro pneumatic device for keeping away the roller from the panels in case of feeding stop.
-Application roller 30 Shores EPDM hardness, thickness 20mm from any adjustment
-Chromatic doctor roller positioned on a sliding guide for the applied coating regulation, with mechanical counter and rotation inversion for or against according to the piece feeding through gear inverter.
-Double membrane pneumatic feed and recycle pump
-Stainless coating pan
-Mechanical counter positioned on three (3) adjustable axes horizontal, vertical and inclined.
-Application roller motor: 0.22 kW
-Application roller speed adjustable by motor gear: 5-20 m/min
-Doctor roller motor: 0.22kW
-Application roller diameter: 180mm
-Doctor roller diameter: 120mm

Edgecure - UV Oven - Postions 4 & 8
-Oven for UV products drying at solid 100% on flat and shaped panels
-The drying is very quick and grants the maximum effect, thanks to a very high specific power without the piece heating.
-The structure is made on electro welded elements
-The unit which holds the lamp and parabolas, has a back opening in order for the cleaning and replacement of the unit.
-The parabolas are equipped with a special elliptic reflector, made in an aluminum section with an automatic emergency system for the lamps, and for the positioning control sensors and opening and closing alarm lacking.
-Inlet and outlet cooling fans for pressuring the lamp avoiding UV rays emissions on the air.
-UV lamp with fixed power with two (2) positions (80 or 100 W/cm)
-Fixed power in feed lamp transformer installed on the electric cabinet.
-UV lamp power: 2.5 kW
-Outlet cooling fan: 0.18 kW

Electronic Machine Control Systems
-Electronic control cabinet with display for main program of machine operations including: pneumatic control of sanding pad, compression for abrasive wheel wear and provide diagnostics of machine operations
-Control on/off switching of ultra violet lamps
-Contains transformer and hour-meter for UV lamps
-Emergency shut-down located at infeed and outfeed of machine


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