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Salvador, Doucet Supercut 500,Doucet in/outfeed

Used Salvador, Doucet Supercut 500,Doucet in/outfeed  | Saws - Optimizing Cross Cut

Machine Information Sheet Date: 2/17/2019
Inventory #: X4016AC
Machine Type: Saws - Optimizing Cross Cut
Manufacturer: Salvador, Doucet
Model: Supercut 500,Doucet in/outfeed
Year: 2016
Region: Central Canada
Voltage: 460/3/60
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Condition: Very Good
Machine Capacities: EXTREMELY ROBUST

Very robust and reinforced steel structure.
The in-feed belt conveyor is synchronized and managed by the same motor of the advancing rollers.
Exclusive system with a double and solid top and bottom traction.
Top advancing group with three hardened drive rollers with teeth and 6 idle pressing wheels (3 couples).
Rising and descending of each toothed roller managed by numeric control.

Electronic system with a connected computer in real time to a last generation numeric control.
TROPTIM Software running on Windows 7.
Complete with 5 qualities managing.
19 LED colour screen.
Tele-service via internet.
Macro Excel included..

Innovative cutting system, it is so fast as to make the blade almost invisible to the human eye.
Fast and full optimization maintaining a notable compactness of the machine.
Feeding system with Brushless servo driven 18 Nm motor.
Cutting system with Brushless servo driven 28 Nm motor.
Blade motor power HP=7,5.
Eight idle rollers under the belt of the in-feed conveyor.

Double steel marking platform.
Electric box separated from the machine and self-standing.
Double Hard disk.
Independent pneumatic regulations to adapt to different types of working.
Internal lighting

Cutting Section: min. 3015 mm (1.18 x 0.59), max. 20060 mm (7.9 x 2.4) (optional version MAX 20090 mm (7.9 x 3.5)).
Minimum length before cutting 500 mm (19.7), max 5000 mm (16) (6.000 mm (19.68) with support rollers optional).
Possibility to make only one cut in the last 190 mm (7.5) of the board.
Cutting boards with regular shape and max thickness difference of 8. mm (0.31) Max wood weight kg. 50 (110 lbs)

Composed by a computer connected in real time to a last generation numeric control.

Personal computer running in Windows 7.
Windows software, easy to use thanks to immediately understandable and effective graphics, complete, powerful and flexible. The operator has only to make simple settings. Wide possibilities of personalization of parameters and optimization priorities to improve the research of the best solution specific for every single work. Big section dedicated to cutting statistics, innovative simulation support, real time updating, diagnostic and video messages.
Maximum computing and optimization power, therefore maximum wood yield: two thousandths of a second to carry out all calculation combinations. Complete with 5 qualities managing. Hundreds of thousands storable programs.
19 LED colour screen, very good position for reading and programming.
Wide removable anti-dust keyboard. Mouse.
Double Hard disk 500 Gb or superior with security copy.
Software to import data through Macro Excel included. Possibility to import Ascii format data.
Software of tele-service via internet included and installed.
Protected from the vibrations, dust and with copy of back-up. High processor unit for the best performances of calculation of optimization, reliability and duration.
Numeric Control

Numeric control in communication with the computer with four axes for reading wood, control cutting measures and eventually selection cut pieces. The numeric control is of last generation, with processor and boards for elevated performances.
Electric box separated from the machine and self-standing after the transport, protected from the vibrations, from the dust and well ventilated with thermostat of regulation.
The position of the electric box next to the machine favours a good route of the electric cables avoiding possible electrical disturbances.
The control panel is situated in a very good position for the operator. It helps to write the programs and to control in real time from the loading area.

The in-feed belt conveyor is synchronized and managed by the same motor of the advancing rollers of the machine unit and allows to have only one movement system for the working piece.
In-feed belt conveyor width 250 mm(9.8), distance between the rollers of 4000 mm (13.1).
Double marking platform in painted steel, adjustable depending on the width of the wood and working like alignment guide for the in-feed pieces.
Eight idle rollers under the in-feed belt conveyor to help the sliding and longer life.

Advancing system: the strong and precise support beam for the top pressing group is composed by a reading station and a top advancing group.
The whole beam has adjustable wood thickness calibration by means of wheel from one point with analogical visualization.
Photocells group composed by a fluorescent marks reading photocell of high quality and long life and by a photocell to relieve the board length with no-dust and no-trouble filters.
The balanced distance between the photocells and the blade unit and an intelligent software able to use fully all the really high potentiality of the numerical control and the elevated ability of calculus of optimization made by the computer in real time (0,001 sec), allow to have a fast and full optimization maintaining a notable compactness of the machine.
Reading station in the machine entrance, composed by 6 idle pressing wheels (3 couples) of big diameter 150 mm (5.9) with pneumatic regulation of the pressure on the wood.
Additional In-feed side wheel with regulation and alignment function.
Top advancing group with three hardened drive rollers with teeth, diameter 118 mm (4.6) (width 150 mm (5.9)), chemically and thermally treated for an eternal duration.
The three rollers, synchronized with the in-feed belt conveyor, constitute a double and strong system to move the wood pieces, driving from the top and the bottom in the same time.
The numeric control manages the rising and descending of each toothed roller at the wood presence. The special cylinders that regulate the rising and descending are double to amortize possible thickness differences present in the working piece.
The cylinders are reinforced with special steel plates to guarantee a long life also in presence of curved wood.
Feed motor type is an electronic Brushless 18 Nm motor.
Feeding speed 0-200 m/min (0-656 ft/min), very fast acceleration and deceleration time, managed from the computer depending on the crosscutting section, the weight, shape of the wood and possible length selector.
Electronic managing of the elimination of the last small waste of each board by air jet system.
Included air tank to amortize possible absence of air supply due to external factors.
All the plant is equipped with single and independent pneumatic regulations to adapt to the different types of working.

Ultra-fast cutting group with circular blade of 500 mm (19.7) diameter, motor power of Hp 7,5.
Innovative cutting system, is so fast as to make the blade almost invisible to the human eye.
Cutting movement through Brushless 28 Nm motor totally managed electronically to obtain the best cutting performances in minimum time. Mechanical of high precision and extreme robustness. Cutting speed adjustable directly by the computer. Maximum system for weight balance and long life. Fixed and balance position of the motor to minimize the weights to be moved during the cutting operation.
Motor-blade transmission system through toothed reinforced belt.
Adjustable cutting time directly from the computer from 0,1 to 1 sec. Double dust saw extraction system.
Long life aluminium blade soft inserts easily interchangeable.
Solid anchoring to the floor with special flanged steel feet with fixing hole.
HM circular blade, diameter 500 mm (19.7) Teeth Z=108. Hole diameter 35 mm (1.4)
Lighting of the cutting area to help clearing and checking operations.

OUT-FEED LENGTH SELECTOR 6/3 UNIT (6 meter (20) with 3 ejectors)

Programming from machine PC.
Division of the cut pieces for measure/quality/recovering/waste. Possibility to eject different measures with the same ejector.
Double photocell for a better reading of the piece.
Piece length to be expelled from min. 250 mm (9.8) to max 3000 mm (9.8) optional on request for different sizes). The not useful waste goes to the end of the conveyor.
Belt width 210 mm (8.27), distance between the rollers of 6000 mm (19.7). The belt is driven centrally by a trapezoidal strip. The rollers are of big diameter to have a long life, power motor HP=1,5. Speed 140 m/min (459 ft/min) (Optional with inverter to adjust the speed on the length selector).
NO. 3 high speed ejectors. Three sliding guides each one. Heavy series. Variable fixing in the length of the length selector
Height of job 900 mm + / 20 mm (35.4 +/- .078)
Set of telescopic iron supports included to support the collecting plane (not included) of the length selector. Without pieces collecting plane.


One (1) Crosscut Saw Exit Conveyor / End-Matcher Loader
Tailing a cut on marks cut-off saw supplied by others

12 wide x 23 feet long belt conveyor with sides
Smooth surface rubber belt with laced joint
15 foot tunnel section with side guides and top
Belt is powered by electric motor at variable speed estimated between 150 and 300 fpm
Fixed deviator adjustable according to board width
Overhead pneumatic feeder synchronised with End-Matcher at up to 60 pieces per minute
Additional kicker/blower to purge trim blocks remaining in the stream of boards exiting the cut-off saw
Doucet assumes no responsibility in the event of a malfunction of the lug loader caused by trim blocks remaining in the stream of boards past the cut-off saw and the auxiliary kicker/blower
Control Panel

Includes central power and control panel with Omron PLC, starters, VFDs, and other internal components. Software is not included.
Includes an operator interface console on the main panel door.
External hookup for distance trouble shooting and programming changes via Ethernet card
Voltage 600 volts, 3 phases 60 Hz


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