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Holzma HPL 410

Used Holzma HPL 410 | Saws - Panel Beam

Machine Information Sheet Date: 4/20/2018
Inventory #: C3802TS
Machine Type: Saws - Panel Beam
Manufacturer: Holzma
Model: HPL 410
Year: 2012
Region: North East US
Voltage: 480/3/60
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Condition: Very Good
Machine Capacities: Used Holzma HPL 410 Horizontal 12’ Capacity Rear Load Beam Saw.

Delivered in late 2012, this saw has been well maintained, single owner, running a single shift. Owner is selling as his application needs have changed. Available January 2018.
-Main saw motor 21 kW (28 HP)
-Scoring saw motor 2.2 kW (3 HP)
-Opening of clamps Max. 125 mm (4.9”)
-Projection of main saw blade Max. 110 mm (4.3”)
-Saw carriage speed forward 0-150m/min. (0-492 fpm)
-Saw carriage speed reverse – Constant 150m/min. (492 fpm)
-Program fence speed Forward/reverse 90 m/min. (295 fpm)
-Positioning systems on both the saw carriage and the clamp-equipped, programmable fence are driven by brushless AC servo motors, digital drives, and rack and pinion.
-The machine cuts left to right to the right-angle fence.
-The CADmatic 4 programming software is based on an industrial PC with Windows XP embedded operating system and is equipped with a 19” Flat LCD color monitor (Touch Screen) and DVD ROM.
-Rear loading features Electro Hydraulic four column lifts with a capacity of 7 tons, lift is guided at four corners by solid steel columns.
-Lift platform is equipped with driven heavy-duty roller track running lengthwise.
-Center to center spacing of the rollers is 198 mm (7.79”).
-Infeeding done with two (2) Holzma patented Micro-Infeeds. Each unit works individually of the other equipped with electronic measuring device to determine exact stack height and are located in front of the program fence.
-Micro-Infeeds are the best solution for thin and wavy bundles of material. Two alignment devices set in the rear support table press the panel or book of panels into the clamp jaws for perfect aligning, permitting minimal trim cuts.
-Saw carriage guided by chromed, hardened steel guide rods and hardened steel, precision V-groove rollers; “monorail” locked-in guidance system.
-Automatic cutting height adjustment provides optimal blade exposure. -Automatic continuous cutting length control by sensor provides optimal saw carriage travel distance, regardless of strip width. -Cutting speed infinitely variable; adjustable from control panel. -Rack and pinion driven via AC servo motor and digital drive.
-Scoring saw adjustment from control panel during operation.
-Safe and fast for the operator.
-Pressure beam guided equally on both sides by racks and pinions, which guarantee that the pressure beam remains parallel, even when cross cutting a single stack of narrow strips.
-Automatic Side Pressure Device (Side Aligner).
-Cutting Length 3800 mm (149.6”)
-Cutting Width 1600 mm (63”)
-7 clamps (2 fingers)
-3 Air tables one fan 2160 x 800 mm (85” x 31.5”)
-Lift stack height; Floor mounted 560 mm (22”) Pit mounted 780 mm (30.70”)
-Lift capacity 3800/1600 (149.6” x 63”) 14,000 lbs.
-Total connected load 31 kW.
-Air pressure Required 6 bar 86 lbs.
-Total air volume based on 6 bar 7.41 cfm.
-Extraction Minimum Velocity (26 m/sec.) 2237 cfm.
-Diameter of dust Connectors Pressure beam 140 mm (5.51”), saw carriage 160 mm (6.30”).
Sales Price: $149,500.00 USD
Approximate Monthly Lease: $2,614.89 USD
Approximate monthly payments are based on approximate lending rate considering 1st and last month down payment, 60 month term and $1.00 residual buy back. This approximate monthly payment amount is for budgetary purposes only. Based on US leasing rates.

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