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Stegherr lap joint cutter Stegherr KSF Lap joint cutter

Used Stegherr lap joint cutter Stegherr KSF Lap joint cutter | Mortisers

Machine Information Sheet Date: 4/27/2015
Inventory #: X2935BH
Machine Type: Mortisers
Manufacturer: Stegherr lap joint cutter
Model: Stegherr KSF Lap joint cutter
Year: 1986
Region: Western Canada
Voltage: 220/3/60
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Machine Capacities: The Stegherr KSF-Mini Closed Halving Joint Machine for the quick and efficient production of closed halving joints. All 90 closed halving joints can be made quickly and accurately. Already Profiled bars can be machined with the KSF-Mini too. The exact milling result can be obtained by machining the work piece from three sides in a single working Process.
The cutters are driven by two 3 phase motors.
The work piece is clamped Pneumatically.
The profile cutter is configured to the component width.
The saw blades that produce the notch for the joint are adjustable to the measurements of the profile cutter by means of spacing shims.
The swivelling device is clearance free and guarded.
The machine is designed for work pieces with a maximum cross section of 56 mm x 46mm.

Price of the machine complete on a stand - tools, foot pedal control and setting devices.are extra

Halving Joint Cutter (5, 7, 9, 11 & 13 mm flats) POA
(Other sizes are available on request)

Saw blade (3.2 or 2.1mm kerf) each
All necessary bushes included.
Please refer to examples below for the number of blades required.

e.g. 7mm slot = 3 x 21mm sawblades.
9mm slot = 2 x 32mm + 1 x 21mm sawblades
11mm slot = 2 x 32mm + 2 x 21mm sawblades.
13mm slot = 4 x 32mm sawblades.
Please confirm configuration of machine before purchase
Sales Price: $2,375.00 CDN
Approximate Monthly Lease: $41.74 CDN
Approximate monthly payments are based on approximate lending rate considering 1st and last month down payment, 60 month term and $1.00 residual buy back. This approximate monthly payment amount is for budgetary purposes only. Based on US leasing rates.

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